70 Most Beautiful
Magazine Cover Designs

With so much talk about the future of print and whether it will survive the digital age, we can’t help but notice a shift in editorial design. 

It appears that the more society attempts to put print in the corner, the more creators push the boundaries of design, breaking the monotony of what we have come to expect from print magazines. 

To prove that print is not dead, we have compiled a collection of amazing magazine covers paving the way for new print. 

Nourished Journal

The aim of Nourished Journal features interviews with inspiring individuals, uplifting and informative editorial, recipes, travel stories and practical information on health and well-being.


Justified Magazine provides a breather to the blogging culture. “We acknowledge the power and share-ability of the internet but feel work becomes lost within the vast online community.”

Their printed format refines our online presence to give a concise insight into contemporary design and photography, celebrating creative individuals who are at the forefront.

Bus Journal

The Bus Journal is a publication about discovering everyday city life by public bus. The project is self-initiated by Stuttgart-based designer and art director Sarah Le Donne. For each issue different writers, artists, photographers and other creatives will be asked to take the bus in a certain city to observe the daily life there. The first issue combines written diary entries with photography and is focusing on Turkey’s largest city Istanbul.



A collector bi-annual magazine celebrating inspirational women in the arts. Combining arresting imagery with out-of-the-box features the beautifully produced title, which counts the boutique Colette among avid supporters, holds its own with the industry’s leading independent players, led by a formidable pool of contributors including Tallulah Harlech, Patti Wilson and Naho Kubota.

published on 23 / 07