07 May 2009 - 4:23 pm

Magnun Larsson, an architecture student from London has proposed an idea to transform the Sahara Desert by creating a 6,000 km wall of sandstone. His proposal was awarded the top prize at the Holcim Foundation’s Awards for Sustainable Construction. The purpose wall would not only create an oasis by providing to create an oasis by providing shelter, water, and vegetation within the harsh Sahara Desert, but it would also stop the Sahara Desert from expanding.

Amazingly, the limestone needed for the 6,000 km wall would be created entirely by utilizing bacillus pasteurii, which is a bacteria that when combined with regular sand turns into hard limestone.

In a time where being “sustainable” is the new fad, it’s nice to see some truly unique and amazing ideas.

Check out these other shots:

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