02 Feb 2009 - 10:26 am

January 29th was the Berlin edition of the Adidas House Party (see video Below) to celebrate the 60th birthday of Adidas. It took place at the adidas No 74 Concept store. The shop was completely redecorated to fit the house party theme. There was no bar where you could get a drink, you just had to go to kitchen and fix yourself a drink. There were also regular pizza deliveries. It felt like a real house party. Apparently it was a blast.  See plenty more of the party pics here and the before and after party pics here


Besides the party, adidas organized a special sale yesterday. They sold 2500 pair of adidas Consortiums and adidas Originals sneakers for the amazing price of 20 euros a pair. This offer drew a huge crowd, but it went down in orderly way, you were only allowed to buy 3 pairs. The sales started at noon but there were still people waiting in line till very late in the evening.

via T&T

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