11 Aug 2014 - 3:43 pm

Written by Ana Rita Ramos

Aesop is known for its perfectly well made range of skin, body and hair products, but also for being a Melbourne based company clearly in an expansion process and with a mind increasingly focused in the development of the right environment and experience for its clients.


Taipei was the chosen place for the opening of the new store. Despite the majority of the store design projects are offered to invited architects or designers, this particular shop, located in the Breeze Center, was completely and personally created by the aesop’s design team. The environment is marked white as its predominant color, which calms our minds and involves us in serenity.



The curvilinear walls covered with pei pu, a cotton material, present to us the traditional heritage of the city. The existence of a corner space where we can recharge our energies and where we can appreciate the chairs designed by Naoto Fukasawa. And finally, a sink sophisticatedly incorporated in an island counter, which invites us to experience the ultimate products. In few words, we believe that this Aesop store, is not only a shop, but the embodiment of a calm and relaxing space materializing a refuge to the bustling chaos of the city.


via www.superfuture.com