25 Jun 2015 - 7:25 am

Feast your eyes on Boffi‘s Kitchenology catalogue, in which they worked with Elisa Ossino Studio on the concept and styling of these gorgeous kitchen sets.


From an emphasis on natural materials to righteous and compacts designs, the Boffi collection ranges across the needs and desires of every type of user without compromising its impeccable design quality.


Some outstanding models such as The Aprile kitchen, The K14, and The Open kitchen answer specific market demands while innovating wit hits aesthetic and practicality.


Aprile emphasizes on the value of using natural materials and features treated wood finishes, stainless steel and stone in different thicknesses, creating new solutions for worktops and peninsular eating areas. The k14 maintains the continuity of the Norbert Wangen collection by retaining the K11 kitchen’s modular units whilst introducing new materials for the worktops and the doors. And finally, The Open kitchen is teh ultimate model of versatility and can be adapted for the
outdoors through a careful selection of suitable materials. Open is also a monobloc stainless steel kitchen, specifically
engineered for external use.


All the above offer all traditional kitchen functions and features with additional compartments available as per request. Boffi’s other 12 models are worthy of attention as well, be sure to check out their website for more information on each design and kitchen model.

Photography Tommaso Sartori