16 Jul 2014 - 10:09 am

In this day and age, anyone on Instagram will know that the inevitable shot of a well placed coffee mug, magazine and wooden countertop are bound to come up.
Whether it’s the midst of finals, an early Sunday morning or a spontaneous lunch out, those three items seem to come up every time.


Combining the elusive three, Mr Thorsten Keller from Hamburg, Germany, has managed to cultivate them into one brand named Coffee Table Mags.


As the name suggests, his company specialises in promoting indie, alternative publications alongside a good, strong brew.

A freelance designer with a passion for coffee, photography and magazines, Mr Keller created Coffee Table Mags after he noticed a lack of international magazine outlets in his hometown.


A self-confessed ?coffee nerd?, Keller jumped at the chance when his friend opened a coffee shop last April and asked him to set up a magazine rack there. Curating copious shelves that would be the perfect reading companion to the drinks there, Keller eventually opened up his own store with a unique vision of promoting particular brands, journals and publications often hard to find.



Coffee Table Mags is a one-man, online and physical store that promotes independent magazines from all over the world. Lifestyle, travel, food, graphic design and architecture publications can be found there, with Kinfolk and Cereal Magazine being one of the most popular magazines stocked.


In a world that is so connected by to an electronic device, Keller believed that simply a magazine and cup of coffee was the best solution to finding downtime. Watch as his store and his love for magazines grows through his Instagram feed.

To see more, check out his Instagram here


Coffee Table Mags 
Shop Address
Wexstraße 28
20355 Hamburg