19 Mar 2009 - 4:49 pm

Some Beauties ! The Derringer Cycles, named after the pocket-size old pistol, is a cross between a 1920’s board track motorcycle and a bike. It can pedaled like a bike or ridden like a motorcycle, but with only 150 m.p.g ! Created and designed by Adrian Van Anz, he said that its the missing link between his old Schwinn and his Ducati. It requires no motorcycle license or insurance.- Those Derringer bikes are hand made with a huge choice of 250 colors, all with hand-riveted leather Brooks seat and each bike takes a month to build. They sell for only $3500 ! I want one please !

Derringer has a retail store in Los Angeles @ 7954.5 West 3rd Street, L.A. and can talk bikes with you over the phone at 323-944-0091.

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