Humans subconsciously sense more details than we may think they do. Diomedeidae is an interactive art piece that allows us to access a place where the conscious mind seldom focuses.


As a kinetic lighting sculpture, Diomedeidae generates electricity from its own flapping movement, which is triggered by pulling down and releasing the weight located in the middle of two strips of wooden bars. The brightness of the LEDs connected to the piezoelectric elements is attenuated according to the damped vibration.


Humans are very sensitive to movement associated with the existence of life, as such sensitivity has been crucial for our survival. Diomedeidae is like a bird flapping its wings, a jellyfish gently glowing in the sea, or a firefly flickering for a brief moment. The oscillation and the lighting directly visualize the energy changes, appealing to human senses through their subtle fluctuations. Rewarding users for giving it life, Diomedeidae offers them an experience whereby they can enjoy light and motion.


Lexus Design Award