31 Jan 2009 - 9:35 pm

Let the countdown begin…Im giving you 15 days to get a trip to London organized, get in touch with your peeps in London to handle business for you or just enter it into your agenda if you are London…

Phase 1: FEB 15th – MARCH 15th

KTZ – London, NAKKNA – Sweden, ELTON AND JACOBSEN – Norway, WEAR IT FOR THE BOY – Denmark, DIANA ORVING – Sweden, RESTERODS – Sweden, MARIOS – Italy,

DesignDose’s favorites of Phase 1: KTZ – UK

Founded by Marian Pejorskis. Inspiration for this season is drawn from Blade Runner, referencing Bronx and Kenyan tribal wear. The collection embodies the eccentrity and exuberant prints and candy colours from the 90s. The iconic detail of the collection is the application of large jewels on the pieces.


Diana Orving’s creations are characterized by layers and draped fabrics, resulting in a tailored look. Drawing inspiration from dance and movement these influences are evident in the fluid nature of her designs.


Established in 2001 by the Milan based duo: Mayo Loizou and Leszek Chmielewski. The unisex designs are renowned for their functionality and ability to be worn however the wearer chooses. Their designs focus on texture and form as well as practicality. Their collection includes a bleached wash denim tunic, a striped jersey dress and grey marl hoody.

PHASE 2: MARCH 15th – April 15th

WHITE TRUMPET – London/Paris, CAMILLA NORRBACK  – Sweden, STARSTYLING – Berlin, GREY ANT – L.A., SENECA RISING – Seneca Rising, WARMI – Columbia

DesignDose’s favorites of Phase 2:


Designer Reno Inchenko’s designs express his passion for mathematics, working geometric rigor into fresh colourful collections. Reno’s work can be recognised by contrasting use of colours, riveting and origami folding which adds a retro-futurist touch to the collection.


Founded by Grant Krajecki, the designer drew inspiration from childhood memories travelling the US, the London New Wave club scene and Chicago nightclubs. Stating that his collection ‘embodies the hole he saw in fashion his collection includes amongst other key pieces, sleek graphic nylon dresses in palettes of grey and black and oversized black boyfriend blazer.


Launching at the beginning of February TOPSHOP’s Oxford Circus store will host ‘EDIT’ a pop-up boutique showcasing a collective of young international designers.

EDIT provides yet another opportunity for TOPSHOP to nurture emerging talent and we are proud to now be able to support new international designers offering them a platform from which to promote their work. Previously the New Gen’ sponsorship scheme has achieved global recognition for bolstering the careers of some of the most exciting design talents in London today.

The concept-collection will be available exclusively at TOPSHOP for a limited 8 week period and will launch in two separate phases both available for 4 weeks; Phase one will be available Feb 9th and Phase Two from March 9th.

‘Edit is a truly international mix of designers; from Columbia to Berlin and beyond. All very individual but linked by an attitude to fashion, one which is boldly influenced at street level…We know our customers will love this most directional of collectives.’ – Antonia O’Malley, Topshop Concessions.

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