07 Feb 2011 - 9:43 pm

Katarina Hall is a Swedish interior and furniture designer who experiments with “poetic” concepts in developing her designs. featured here are three of her projects I liked very much and her description of them.

Save is furniture’s with inspiration sprung from abandoned and forgotten houses. With their barred and bolted doors and windows, they reveal nothing about the stories and treasures that lure inside ?

beneath wooden floors and in dark corners. The aesthetics is based on a meeting between a gentle treated frame in MDF and planks of pine painted in eggoiltempera.

The Corrected Cabinet picks its material from patched and mended walls and roofs of corrugated iron. Located in indoor environment the material is changing: The scale and proportions in relation to the cabinet frame makes the sheet metal clumsy but also dramatic. The shadow effect makes the furniture distinctive and intense. Even a value shift occurs. From being a mass produced and inexpensive building material, the painted corrugated sheet metal here becomes something exclusive.

A plank is mostly staged to separate a given area, keep out noise, or to protect from insight. It also creates a certain curiosity: What is hidden behind it? What are the silhouettes doing that glimpse through the cracks?
Split is a room divider that by form and function mimics the plank, but that by its rotatable boards also receive additional dimensions. The rotation allows you to change the wall pattern as desired or to adjust the incidence of light.

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