27 Nov 2007 - 4:14 pm
koji-iijima flier

KAZUO hq, a fashion line representative of global consciousness, presents Koji Lijima‘s newest art collection, “Between an Emergency and Daily Life” at the KAZUO hq gallery. Koji Lijima‘s art installation and performance attempts to connect western notions like globalization and identity with eastern sentiments such as the traditional basic elements of earth and fire. The artist builds and battles lare metal sculptures of dogs that release flame from their mouths and a giant turtle that shoots egg bombs. When asked to describe his steel boar missile, Koji replied “A wild boar is a stubborn and stiff animal, it never listens to reason. This work is an obvious metaphor that represents Americans political and military facets. The boar, when provoked, charges head first in it’s century old obdurate path.”
The opening party is December 1rst, 2007 from 6pm -10pm.