13 Jan 2014 - 12:42 pm

We already met Maciej Chmara and Ania Rosinke, aka Chmara.Rosinke in occasion of their collaboration with cloths brand COS and the project Mobile Hospitality. The studio is very focused on the concept of a sort of nomadic and multifunctional design because, they say, it’s how they live their life. So they created 2,5³, a minimal living cube 2,5mx2,5mx2,5m, a brilliant tribute to the revolution of 60’s and 70’s designers that tried to introduce the idea of modular structures into current aesthetics canons.


The real and important fact is also that our habits are completely changed, we’re dramatically affected by contemporary nomadism, we love traveling and moving from one work to another, and what we really need are more functions, in less space, with less stuffs, easy to pack faster. In a brilliant interview they talk about their ideas, projects and love for food.

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