12 Aug 2014 - 10:41 am

Looking closely at the sport garb trends, it’s clear that the bold colors are taking over the shelves of many shops, including Nike. But what if all those colors could spread through the entire store and create an integrant image of the brand and the collection itself?


That point of view came into play for the set designers of Robert Storey Studio, who used this trend of color as a project tool to conceive the Nike pop-up store, in New York. Suddenly Mulberry Street gained a destination that beautifully fills our eyes like a series of graphic art installations. The constant symmetry and the presence of an imaginary mirror in the middle of the space makes you lose your sense of the entire area of the shop.


The doors and sections present in the new walls, that reconfigure the space, create a peek-a-boo game which arouses curiosity and intrigue on the client. And the utilization of bright lights with colors like pink, blue, green and orange, bordering the edges of the sections on the walls, offers a guide to the customer through the different new shop areas, which embodies several “stories” in a way to divide the clothes into categories: bra, train, run and live.


With all these aspects together was designed an engaging narrative that allows the customer to get lost in a colorful and joyful new space with the simultaneous presentation of a cosmopolitan sportswear collection. But to transform this amazing experience even better, side by side to the previous described temporary space, was created a gym area for special clients.


Written by Ana Rita Ramos


Nike Womenswear Pop-Up
Mulberry St.
New York
NY 10013



Photography is by David S Allee

via DSGN AREA www.dsgnarea.com