11 Aug 2014 - 7:15 pm

Our friends over at Safari Sundays, a New York based nimble collective of global designers, thinkers and inventors, just relaunched their branding today with a new identity that fits the spirit of the agency like a glove.


The recent winners of the ‘2014 Ad Age Small Agency of the Year award for culture‘ created ‘Steve‘: their new logo, a character or mascot whom adapts to each individual project.


Founder and Chief Creative Officer Damon Gorrie says

?Steve captures something truly unique about Safari Sundays ? the collective impact that each and every one of us, our partners, our clients, our llamas and our dogs have on who we are as people and the work we do everyday ? inspiring us to continually be better than we thought we could be?.

Joint creative directors, Adam Walko and Simone Fabricius both perfectly embody the two sides of our Safari and our Sundays,

?We are a juxtaposition, a duality with extreme emotion and rational thought, and our ability to embrace that tension through our collaboration is where the magic happens.?


Who’s Steve?

Our sight, our smell, our sound, our sixth sense.
Steve is a taste factory that changes skin. He’s a monster. He is wrong in all the right ways?
He is Safari Sundays.
And he is our new identity – an icon that is all of us and none of us at the same time.
Our original identity was born in 2005 ? it began the Safari Sundays story and set us off on exactly the right track ? keeping things simple and to the point with a black-belt, technicolor influence.
But as we grew and spent more time doing things we believe in and getting rid of those we don?t, our mark started to miss the point – of the culture, contradictions, connections, everyday adventures and dreams that make us and our clients love to call Safari home.
So, after some intensive soul searching, deep in the woods of upstate New York, becoming our own, most ruthless clients, we got it and it set our minds on fire.

Steve; mischievous and marvelous, where nothing is quite as it seems, a living identity with volume and mystery, for now and for everything that lies ahead.
Steve; weaving together the Safari ? where we explore the wilderness to find something fresh – and the Sundays ? where we take stock, see the possibilities and create something new.
Steve; fluid and rigid, catalyst for an endless number of visual, verbal, tactile and aural worlds that change everything coming through our doors into something better.


Explore the world of Safari at www.safarisundays.com