03 Oct 2013 - 5:15 pm

When online retailer Shopbop needed an office makeover, they reached out to SHoP. (Maybe we’re the only ones who find that coincidental and slightly humorous?) SHoP’s aim was to create an environment designed around the Shopbop Style Guide and the Shopbop woman. A place where the Shopbop woman would live, things she would buy to decorate her home, places she would travel, were all sources of inspiration for the re-design. The resulting design was a feminine aesthetic with personal and vintage touches in a trendy, loft-like environment.

The design philosophy juxtaposed color, material, and finish choices against one another: warm tones against neutral, rough textures against smooth and muted surfaces against shiny. Raw concrete floors and columns and exposed ceilings in addition to blackened metal and reclaimed paneling, were added to create an industrial canvas through which to showcase the femininity of the space.

Components that were obvious additions to the space were incorporated as sleek elements: minimalist modern workstations, monolithic counter-tops, and lacquered cabinetry. Workstations were kept virtually uniform, with a limited variety of panel heights in order to minimize visual clutter. Industrial fabrics were used throughout as finishing touches?particularly on more traditionally styled furniture pieces, to further the ‘rough yet polished? aesthetic.

Shopbop’s signature bright orange was incorporated into the space as pops of color on the inside of a drawer or behind a wood-paneled wall. The open loft-life space lends to a collaborative environment while other more intimate spaces allow for personal ‘in the zone’ space and international conference calls. A private roof deck acts as a stunning event space in the evening.

Interior Design Magazine chose this project as one of the ?Best of the Year?.  The project, which took almost a full year, was lead by was lead by SHoP’s Director of Interior Design, Krista Ninivaggi.

Images courtesy of www.shoparc.com