27 Aug 2014 - 12:12 pm

Buenos Aires-based agency Empatía was commissioned by Swedish seafood company Swish to create a striking brand identity that surpassed the usual packaging formula usually found on canned food aisles of standard supermarkets.

It’s no surprise to find minimalist and precise brand identities gaining new grounds outside of the ?handmade & indie? crowd; industrial-based brands have constantly brought iconic brand identities/logos to the shelves throughout the years. A simple and basic approach is a trend that’s thankfully being adopted, on the right measures, by unexpected brands.

Swish boasts its national colors proudly: blue and gold is put on the limelight to deflect the white canvas Empatía chose as base color. A wall of homogeneous canned goods is the worst enemy for brand recognition, clearly Swish doesn?t need to worry about that anymore.

Written by Mateus Andrade

For more projects from Empatía visit: www.helloempatia.com

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