12 Jan 2009 - 10:51 am


After The Construction

Every other month I go back to New York and am shocked by how fast the city is changing by the huge eye-soaring buildings popping up everywhere and demolishing the cities charm. Of course its not all bad but the bad resonates so much stronger than the good. Now The Bowery, one of New York’s most quintessentially charming areas, is getting ready to see a major change. The Sperone Westwater art gallery in New York City recently filed plans for an incredible new gallery on the Bowery designed by Foster + Partners. Envisioned as a stacked set of lucid glass rectangles suffused with daylight, Foster + Partners’ design features an innovative layout that allows the interiors to change and morph to accommodate different exhibitions. The 9 story art gallery will also boast a moving exhibition hall that can be raised to any of five levels of public gallery space, and is set to be completed by December 2009. The concept looks great and the I love the concept of the materials of which the building will be constructed, but it still makes me cringe. Perhaps the only thing that relieves me is that the building being taken down will not be missed too much.

info via Inhabitat

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