The Tomorrow Collective

17 Apr 2015 Written by

The Tomorrow Collective is comprised of a strikingly talented handful of Master Students from Lund Unversity School of Industrial Design.

In a time when people are becoming more and more distanced from the origins of the things they buy, the craftsmanship behind works and designs, materials used, and how we dispose of these materials, the consequences of our lifestyles and choices begin to blur. The Tomorrow Collective raises multiple important points through their works, but the main question remains unanswered- “Is it possible to live without some of the systems and products that we have become used to and still have a good life?”

The Tomorrow Collective explores ways of enabling us to live a sustainable life in the future through concepts and challenging ideas. Inspired by past knowledge of how to grow, make and be, these projects present concepts for modern tools and systems that can be used in a cyclic sense, within private homes or to share in smaller communities. The idea is to live in the future today.

Here are some of their most remarkable projects:

Wheat Meat
Meat production causes a large part of greenhouse gas emissions today. By replacing meat with vegetarian alternatives, global warming can be slowed down. Some common “meat replacements”, like soy, are produced in a problematic way, and require long transports, while wheat can be grown locally. Rich in protein (when the starch is separated from it), the wheat dough is sometimes called seitan and originates from Chinese Buddhist monks.

With this wheat meat kit, the gluten protein can easily be separated from the starch. It can then be flavoured and shaped to one’s liking. The remaining starch is a perfect sourdough starter. Eat less meat – reduce the heat!



Make Make
The concept was inspired by historical examples of tools and recipes in the pursuit of finding new ways of making cosmetics by hand using only vegetable ingredients as coloring. The make make kit is a set of tools that enables user to produce pigments from any organic source of choice to mix their own range of makeup.



NARA enables a micro-production of essential oils by steam distilling the locally grown flora. This micro-laboratory creates small batches of handcrafted and personal perfume oil with the scent of real nature.

The Herbarium is a tool for picking, separating and transporting wild herbs to your kitchen.
At home the three containers individually facilitate rinsing and drying herbs to prepare them for cooking. The Herbarium invites you to revive old knowledge to shape new ways of cooking.


Cleaning Kit
Cleaning Kit consists of four different lids compatible with standard glass jars, suited for powdering bicarbonate, making your own cleanser, spray- ing and measuring recipes for the different areas in your home. Cleaning Kit is inspired by old ways of cleaning and made to fit our con- temporary lifestyles without using any chemicals.