07 Jul 2009 - 7:49 am

How sick is the Micheal Jackson Arcade Collection !!? OMG, He life size models of every blockbuster movie, From E.T to Star Wars or Batman to Spiderman! His collection is more like a museum of the arcade history than a personal collection ! Seriously ! wow ! Go here for a Virtual Tour to Michael Jackson’s Arcade Collection

In December 2008 Julien’s Auction announced the sale of over 2000 pieces of MJ memorabilia. Michael has contracted with the auction house to remove his arcade collection from the Neverland Ranch. It took 30 men and 10 semi-trucks over 3 months to remove the items from Neverland ! On March 4th Micheal changed his mind and sued Julien’s Auction to prevent the sale. The Los Angeles Superior Court canceled the sale and converted it into a 12 days public exhibition of the collection after which it was return to Michael Jackson.

It should be noted that these interactive panoramas were not taken at the Neverland Ranch, but at the Beverly Hills display area of the auction site.