11 Mar 2010 - 12:04 am

While at Turkish Fashion Week last month, we sat beside and mingled with the editors of the soon to launch Turkish Vogue, in the front rows of the young designers presentation and Hakan Yildrim‘s shows. It was only after about the second day that my curiosity led me to find out who the woman getting all the hype was. It turned out it was Ece Sukan, former model, photographer, stylist and shop vintage shop owner who had recently been crowned title of Editor-at-large for Vogue Turkey…We were very curious to get our hands on their first issue, March 2010, to get a feeling for their vibe.

I was a bit surprised to find out from the girls at Bazaar and Vogue Turkey that Conde Nast Publication have access to interchangeable content from many of its international partners, and if the editors so choose to, they can use features from US, British or any other countries Vogues or Bazaar’s (and so fort) for their own issues. This made me wonder how much content each of these international licencees is actually self-produced and how much is just translated and adjusted to their culture.

I found this flashback/ historical timeline to be one of the most captivating part s of the issue, and in all very appropriate for a new brand in defining itself.

This issues bare essentials cover, featuring Jessica Stam, has won some attention in the fashion world. It has been awhile since anyone has seen a Vogue cover that was not bombarding them with as much information as the surface could absorb. Less, really is more, in design, there is no arguing that proverb.

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