10 Dec 2009 - 7:13 am

Andreia Chaves is a young Brazilian footwear designer creating shoes like its a piece of art – her research of textures, particular forms, and visual effect makes Andreia creates those amazing shoes, who looks more like art objects than wearable shoes, but hey, if they comfortable, I would say girls, go for it !

I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil – based in Italy – graduating on next February in Design of Footwear and Accessories. I am also a graphic designer, and if I should explain my work in a few words, I’d say if you grew up in a chaotic metropole like Sao Paulo, being in diary contact with different realities and exposed to thousands of visual inputs all the time, you can understand the why of my research of textures, particular forms, and visual effect, as the use of unusual materials. – by Andreia Chaves

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Thanks to Yatzer for those beautiful images !