What would be the one thing you would save or preserve if a flood was coming? Conceptual product designer Mark Sturkenboom creates objects to question those very wishes and thoughts.


Inspired by Noah’s Ark and Julian Barnes’ A History of the World in 10 Chapters; this 21th century Ark is a vessel equipped with a leather box, a glass dome, and everyting else you would need to set your wishes and relics free into the world. By conceptually using the Ark as a tool to pass on information to future generations, the artist makes us think about what is of importance to us and perhaps what’s just static.


More and more artists today are making the conscious shift towards sustainability and awareness in their works, highlighting the importance of using raw materials and to question our motives in this world.


“My focus lies not on the appearance of things, but on what I call the deeper layers in the relation between an object and its owner” says Sturkenboom. The Ark is a great example of how the artists sets his products free from their conventional use by placing the user at the center of the concept and inviting one to think about time and the possibility to free yourself from the burden of your possessions by setting them free.