28 Apr 2008 - 9:48 am

TheGofigure a fashion E-zine and Gofigure Agency ( Digital marketing Agency ) are some really cool online resources for all kinds of Fashion-design-art-music related. A beautiful designed website ! Check it out and subscribe for his newsletter….

TheGofigure.com is a definitive source on the net for almost anything street-culture related, whether it’s street-wear, sneakers, toys, art, design, tech or events.

In a little over a year, TheGofigure has grown from a small blog site, with a few hundred hits per day, to an online magazine giant boasting over 25,000 unique visitors daily. We cover the newest exciting trends and products from the biggest name brands to the smallest independent labels, giving TheGofigure a major role in the Subculture industry by defining street style for all in this forever-changing culture. “