14 Mar 2011 - 11:16 am

DesignDose is happy to bring you the premier episode of GIOGO’s inaugural season of 6 highly conceptualized shows.

The irresistibly cute duo, Tiana Brown and Julianne Waters host an infotainment show in a magazine format. The Get In or Get Out Show is full of variety — infotainment + bite sized witty banter, with a balance of explosive and breath taking visuals, this show travels at light speed so you better keep up. It’s the Get In or Get Out Show (GIOGO), and trust us, you wanna get in.

Everything will be showcased in a channel flipping/page turning format. Think of the GIOGO Show as a network and each segment is it’s own individually styled channel.

And finally make sure you wait till the end to get each episodes Get In / Get Out list (showcased above).

Get In Or Get Out will also host an online magazine to accompany the video series, offering a more in depth look into each segment — coming soon.


Directed and edited by Tomas Whitmore of Mr. Mister

Produced in association with DesignDose