22 Dec 2014 - 4:11 pm

Le Morandine are a series of candles whose shapes bring to mind the famous still lifes of Giorgio Morandi.
The intention of this project, other than to pay tribute to the Great Master, is to enable people to “do as Morandi” to experience the same deep interaction that he had with the everyday objects he painted; a relationship totally focused on concepts of slight movement, time dilation and interior luminosity.


The Le Morandine candles, with an opaque and chalky look, embody the waxy light of Morandi’s paintings. Individually handmade through the method of casting, they have an etched “weave” pattern, which is done by hand and makes every candle unique. They are arranged in groups of four in the cool and warm hues most often used in Morandian tones.

www.soniapedrazzini.it & www.lemorandine.it