The Upside Down collection by Elise Luttik is a complete interior concept, consisting of the Upside Down Chair, Upside Down Table and the Upside Down Lamp.


The Upside Down Chair is a lounge chair that offers a safe place to sit while it embraces your back. Place the chair upside down to turn it into a throne, a pedestal to sit on that allows better views from a royal perspective. The Upside Down chair is cut out of 2 boards from the same ash tree, sourced locally in The Netherlands.


The Upside Down Table can complete the sitting arrangement as a table, or be turned over into a basket to store magazines or other belongings. The Upside Down Lamp sheds a light on the rest of the pieces.


With the Upside Down collection Elise reinvents herself and broadens her work from small 3D objects to life size furniture in wood. Her work always features well considered technology and playfulness. “I see the Upside Down Chair more as a living object than a piece of furniture. Create a comfortable nest with pillows. Or build a hide and play house underneath the legs, by building a tent with a blanket” she says. “I learn to appreciate wood and grow a bond with my products.”