In Living Matter, Transnatural Label & Lab introduces biologically grown and synthetically fabricated materials and objects.


Raw and biologically grown materials are important components in design this year, as more and more artists aim to minimize their impact on the environment while creating awareness around the way we interact with natural resources. The showcase features fungus grown objects, ivory made from waste teeth, synthetic biological breathing leaves, and materials that refresh polluted air and absorb water.


As part of the the ongoing research project by The Growing Lab, designer Maurizio Montalti explores strategies for growing materials and making products, by implementing fungal mycelia. The material and the products grow in a mold by a process that is comparable to a sort of natural 3D-printing. When the research phase is finished, the first collection of fungus grown products is made for Transnatural.


Transnatural Label & Lab will present the Living Matter exhibition combined with its Art and Design collection at the Salone at Ventura Lambrate 2015 in Milan.