Global emotional lighting based on open source technology and programming, Luz is a lighting concept designed to help people in the Polar Regions who are physically and psychologically affected by lack of sunshine or daylight. This broad-shaped, round and sensitive lamp molds into different natural shapes and reacts to various weather conditions.


The main structure of LUZ connects two RGB LED stripes to an Open Source micro-controller and a TCS sensor which captures the color temperature (K) and light intensity (lux) values of the external environment. This electronic system is programmed to gradually modify the direction of the glow (internal or external) and the light-color sensibility of the lamp depending on weather conditions. If it is cloudy, the color of the luminaire stimulates brain reactions; if it is snowing, LUZ emits enthusiastic and optimistic light; and, at night, it communicates sensations of imagination and relaxation. When switched off, the device elegantly blends into a white wall.


“One of my aims is to express the values of the senses through design. That is why the circle, as the most natural and simplest form that a human brain understands, or as the symbol of movement without beginning or end, is the ultimate shape for LUZ, the ideal vessel for emotions.”
A new Internet platform for uploading the final IDE programming code will be created so that ‘LUZ’ users worldwide can share their emotional responses to light and chromatics.


Lexus Design Award