Movements, an interactive installation by London-based designer Philippe Malouin and presented by Ceasarstone, is a two-part installation that examines the unexpected use of Caesarstone materials and process-based design.


“For me, the starting point was the exploration of the material. We focused on spending time in the workshop, except this was not an ordinary workshop, but a fully equipped solid surface transformation facility. Caesarstone is an extremely versatile material that is easy to predict and work with, and it offers a variety of colors and finishes,” said designer Philippe Malouin. “I experimented with a series of techniques and applications ranging from the mundane to the more experimental.”


The swings, usually associated with a care-free childlike being, integrate an element of play and invite visitors to interact with the material and the installation. The group of handmade planters documents Philippe Malouin’s process of experimentation with Caesarstone’s surface material and technique.