Alongside the trend of vegetarianism, veganism, and healthy eating, tofu is gaining its own spot in the sustainable foods conversation. However, since tofu is most commonly purchased in bulk from the supermarket, most people don’t get to try it at its best fresh self.


Slow Tofu is new form of gastronomy that aims to offer people an unique tofu eating experience. Through this project, people are introduced to the manufacturing process of tofu, while also learning how to prepare their own portions of tofu to be able to eat it fresh.


The hand woven bamboo tools for molding tofu are crafted in cooperation with rural Chinese artisans. As a result, the tofu made out of those tools conveys a clear quality of craft. This concept can be realized through a tofu workshop, where each participant gets a wooden box filled with tools. He/she can then make tofu on the steel tablet. The box works for transporting tofu as well.

17 Apr 2015