07 Oct 2008 - 9:24 am

Carafe N°5

Height : 62cm (24.41 inches)
Price : 2200 euros + shipping

These beautiful and unique wine carafes were designed by Etienne Meneau, a French Sculptor in a limited edition series. Each carafe is made from borosilicat glass designed to hold a full bottle of wine. There are 8 pieces made in each design which can help justify the luxury of the prices. The last piece shown, the Little Heart is a wine glass. This is a great gift for your favorite wine connoisseur.

Carafe N°6

Height : 62cm (24.41 inches)
Price : 2100 euros + shipping

Carafe N°2

Height : 65cm (25.590 inches)
Price : 1900 euros + shipping

Petit Coeur / Little Heart

Height : 7.9 in.
Price : 1500 euros + shipping